Sunday, February 20, 2011

This weeks life's lessons.

well at least some of them anyway...
This has been an interesting week in the Ellis household. Between surgeries, school, work, and the everyday tasks of motherhood, I have learned a few things, and even had to re-learn somethings.

1. Sometimes you just need a get-away. Whether you live in cold wintry places like I do, or you just need that alone time with your spouse. And we are overdue! So this time next week I will be sipping pina coladas on the sunny beaches of Cancun!

2. Always go with your gut when purchasing big household cleaning items such as vacuums. I did not do this, trying, mind you to be frugal, and the brand I bought does have a good name, so I thought I was doing good right? SO WRONG. Of course it all feel apart after I got rid of the box, and somehow misplaced the receipt. So instead of saving money, I spent more, having to buy a new vacuum. This time I went with the one I wanted from the start and it is HEAVEN!
This Dyson, is just AMAZING:

3. There is a huge difference between THIS tanning bed:
And THIS tanning bed:
In preparation for our lovely trip, Ryan bought us some tanning packages, so we don't fry ourselves silly on our vacation. The first time I went in a lay down bed. Oh it felt marvelous to feel some heat! So second go round, I tell the girl to up my time by a minute.
But this time the lady puts me in a stand-up. And since it has been quite some years since I've used a tanning bed I had no idea that they have different caps on minutes you can be in them. SOOO I enjoyed a nice 9 minutes in a bed that has a cap of 10. (The lay down bed is 20...)
And now my white body is a LOVELY tomato red color. So nice.
Well at least I will have THAT base tan,(or burn, however you want to look at it...) and hopefully I got the burning out of the way so my trip will be all tan! Crossing my fingers...

4. This one attaches to #2. Why do I insist on vacuuming in the middle of the day?! Well my reasoning is Brooke is the only one home so it takes WAY less time. But then they come home dinner happens, and my floors are gross ALL over again.
Such a bummer. I will confess, I am somewhat of a clean freak. There are ranges of this, cause I think one of my friends is the BIGGEST clean freak I've ever met, but anyhow I don't think this one will resolve it's self anytime soon.
Cause my floors are so nasty after lunch, I can't stand not to do them...

5. An Adenoidectomy causes some seriously nasty breath. My daughter might possibly be the cutest child on the planet...but her breath is something fierce right now!
However I will take it, cause she is sleeping like a charm!
Sleeping in, and back to her 2+ hour naps. Seriously raise the roof.

6. Yelling at your children does not solve the problem. This might be one that I will learn and re-learn for the rest of my child raising years. Adding to the noise dosen't make them stop, it's just seems to get louder! So right now i am solving that by taking #1 advice and heading on a much needed vacay with my hubby. I will come back rejuvenated and ready to conquer motherhood for the 1000th time.

7. This is the 7th one for the 7th day, and what better way to end it. Especially in the eyes of my hubby. It's an excellent week when Purdue beats Wisconsin, and then knocks off Ohio State.
Oh Basketball season can't get any better than this week...
We hope right?! But this is the Big Ten we are talking about, anything can happen...

P.S. No pics...missing my cf card, hopefully to be returned soon, so that I can continue posting pics of my adorable children!:)

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Ashley said...

Have fun in Cancun!! Brad and I just got back Friday night. It was so nice!