Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back From the Beach

Oh we are back. Got back REALLY early Friday morning.
No more toes in the sand, no more pina-coladas. Sigh.
But I was excited to see my kids again! The break from them was great, but I was starting to really miss the little buggers!
We arrived at our hotel at 1 on Sunday, and as soon as we checked in, we hit the beach!
Oh it felt so wonderful to feel WARM sun on my skin.
Doesn't our little set up on the beach look heavenly!? Our hotel was awesome! The rooms were great and the lobby was gorgeous!

That night we took the bus into downtown and got off when we saw a bunch of little side street taquerias. Can I just say that I LOVE Mexican food. Real Mexican food. We ate, a lot! It was so good! Then we walked around a mexican market. Grocery stores are so different there, and I LOVE them. Such a fun experience!
And our hotel at night was pretty breath taking. I could tell on the first day how amazing this vacation was going to be!:)

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