Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Project.

So I have been wanting to paint my room for the almost four years that we have lived here!
And this week it finally came to pass. I also finally decided to get some real bedding, not just fleece throws. So this is what my room looked like before:
I had to take several photos, and they don't quite do the paint job justice, but this is what it looks like after:
These were taken at night obviously:
And a day shot:
So here comes the part where I need some advice! I need a color to accent this room. I love the paint job(at first I was a little nervous) It came out really good.
But I need some sort of color to accent the room. So please feel free to give me what you think! I will post a picture with the winning color!


Lori said...

Looks great! I can't quite tell what the colors are, the daylight one shows up a little gray, so if it is gray I think you should do red for the accent color. If it's more of a taupe, I would try a navy blue or a lighter, kind of steely blue even.

The Ellis Fam said...

LOVE the paint job. Did you do some kind of finish on it? It looks like linen. And I love the bed set. I think the color should be a blue. A brighter blue, maybe a little brighter then a stormy blue if that makes sense. Gook luck, I'm sure whatever you choose will look GREAT!

Taffy and Tony said...

I like the bright blue in your temple picture background. Maybe some pillow or a throw, lamps, etc. with some of that blue would liven it up!

Ellis family said...

It's a gray Lori. And Caroline I did do a linen finish. You knew that faux finished were so dang hard and time consuming.... Anywho thanks ladies for the comments, it gives me something to work with!

kylee said...

OKay, I'm a couple of day late but I say yellow! Go online and you will find TONS of grey and yellow stuff. I think it looks really nice together. And you could throw a lime green color or black in there too. Those are actually the colors that I am doing my room in right now, if it ever gets finished. Grey bedspread, yellow, green and black pillows. Let me know what you decide!