Sunday, March 20, 2011

A week of Sadie!

Last week we were privileged enough to have Sadie come stay with us for her spring break!
WE had so much fun. The kids wore her out I think! They love their aunt Sadie!
WE ate A LOT:
Buffalo Wild Wings is a must!
The kids loved that we were put next to the arcade games:
The little Cousins:
WE watched A LOT of Basketball:
Caden Enjoying the game:
Ryan and Sadie in the zone:
Basketball weekend didn't end too well for this Boilermaker household...
Oh well life goes on, I suppose we will now cheer on the Cougs.
We also watched a lot of movies!
With treats of course!
No trip to Minnesota is complete without a trip to the MOA, so of course we ventured to do a little shopping. Sadie found out why I don't shop very often with the four little ones in tow.
WE also spent an afternoon in the ER, thanks to Sadie trying to get some extra credit in biology, and slicing her finger on a moose bone prior to coming here. Apparently she didn't clean her cut very well and had a nice case of Cellulitis...or in lame mans terms a skin infection!
I am so lucky to have such an awesome little sister, and that she would be willing to come spend her spring break with us! The kids sure miss her...
See you in June Scripey!

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