Monday, April 25, 2011


This year is the first year we have dyed Easter eggs. I know it makes me seem like a lame mom.
Who doesn't dye Easter eggs?! Well I haven't, but this year I didn't want my kids to miss out, SO we dyed eggs to our hearts content.
Brandon making the dunk!
Caden be oh so careful:
Brooke had a blast. She had a little trouble NOT breaking the eggs:)
Kylee had so much fun decorating them with all sorts of crayon designs:
And of course everyone doted on the little baby of the family:
And my little perfectionist so sad cause one of his eggs didn't quite turn out like he had planned:
We had so much fun. The kids thought eating colored eggs was pretty cool!
SO I suppose I will be a better mom, and make this more of a tradition!

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