Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday's all around!

Is this pic not just do die for?!?
Today is my brother Bret's Birthday. The big 25!
He still is a GOLF fanatic. And as you can tell by the picture he is working hard on passing down the love of the sport to his most adorable little son Benny!
I can't wait to see him...oh and of course Bret too! Less than a month baby!
My brother is the sweetest most laid back guy you'll ever meet. He's an awesome dad, and an amazing husband. So glad that he is MY brother.

Another birthday of someone special to me is today. She shares my brother's birthday, but also they are the same age! So I claim her as my sister. For more reasons than just the birthday share.:) I've known her since she was 16. Seen her date, marry and become a wonderful mother, to another most adorable little boy. Shayla, I love you, hope your day was fantastic!

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