Friday, May 20, 2011

My Sanity.

Do you have something in your life, that if everything else around you may seem like it is falling apart, it's the one thing that keeps you sane?!
For me that is running. I LOVE to run. It calms me. I can clear my head and think. A true stress reliever for me. This is week makes day 17 of not being able to run at the capacity that I would like. For better terms I am having some injuries. UGH.
I was improving, getting faster, ramping up my mileage for a summer of running. Looking forward to running with my mom when I go home. Now all for not. I've spent the last two weeks trying to figure out the source of the pain, coming up empty handed. Or not getting the answers I really want to hear. Rest. Don't run. These are things I can't fathom. I have no problem scaling back some. I'm not completely crazy. I run 3 days a week, not 7. I average 20 miles a week, not 50.
So why oh why am I struggling?!
This week has not helped. Lots going on.I am feeling overwhelmed in several areas of my life, and running is what I do to sort through my thoughts, and help me realize that most things that I worry about are silly.
My twins have been non stop fighting. (Joey I think there was a mix up, Brandon was supposed to be your child not mine..:)...)
Brooke is coming into her 2's phase of life. Don't get me wrong 95% of the time she is still just so sweet, but this week she has taken into hitting me when she's mad. Lovely.
Caden would rather be with friends than me. Boo.
My sister is getting ready to move.
My house was spotless this morning and now it looks like a tornado went through it.
Our yard is a dandelion field, more weeds than grass.
But despite all of this, I have an amazing life, amazing children, and a loving husband.
A roof over my head. Amazing neighbors who have great kids for my children to have as friends.
So until I can RUN again, I guess I'll use my blog as a way to sort through all my silliness.
Cause I really am so blessed.

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Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

you really are so blessed!!! I love you and am soo sorry about your knee no fun at all! you know it is just because you are coming here and I like to walk and need a walking partner:): love you!