Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Easter. Just a week late!

A little late posting the rest of Easter. But better late than never right!?
The kids loved their Easter baskets this year, as you can clearly tell:
I kept it low key compared to years past, as I wanted Easter to be more focused on the Savior, so I was worried the older kids would complain, but they were just as thrilled with half the candy and a book instead of toys! I think we as parents put the expectation on our kids, when really they are so easy to please.
We had Easter dinner with some friends, and then did an egg hunt! The kids had a blast! Brooke thought it was so much fun!

A little bit of dog piling fun:
Brandon the little monkey!
After some playing we did a little scavenger hunt for the true meaning of Easter. We would read Scripture and the kids would have to go find something that matched with the clue. They had so much fun. The older kids understood the meaning of the hunt...younger ones not so much. But it was fun anyways!
So here's to next year!
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