Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lil' Cousins.

These two are so much fun. And they totally love each other. They are known to each other as Kennews, and Bwookie.

They are sassy little toots.
Their latest endeavors include scaring their moms half to death by wondering away from the back yard.(we had literally checked on them 2 min before). After a good 5 minute scare, we found them frolicking in the ditch between the two soccer fields. My daughter sans pants. Yep she's stylin!(we never found those dang pants) They tried this little escapade yet again, but we were smarter this time, and foiled their get away.
As you can see they had the time of their lives having a little bath time together. Kenadie discovered splashing. Brooke thought it was hilarious. And I was soaked.
They truly are little best friends.
Brooke is going to miss her Kennews.
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Tina said...

SO cute! I love bathtime photots! And I love Brook's new haircut! I will never understand parents who don't want to cut their kids hair...cute haircuts are way cuter than shaggy mullets! :)