Sunday, May 29, 2011

Track and Field Day!

I am starting out by complaining some. You know to get it out of the way, and get on to the good stuff of the day!
1st. I had strep, making a day of walking around and standing around miserable for anybody right?!
2nd. It was COLD. And probably because the a fore mentioned issue, this made me REALLY cold. At least the rain held out... literally it started raining 5 minutes after it ended!
3rd. Last year it was HOT. Well nicely hot. I was sun burned from the day. So it was more salt in the wound to this cloudy yucky day.
Putting those three things aside, it was such a fun day getting to see Caden have the time of his life!

Ryan was a little late bringing the camera, so we missed the wacky relays. They of course were adorable, and oh so funny to watch!
This was the jump rope station. The other part of it was the shoe kicking competition, and I didn't have the camera for that either. That seemed to be the boys' favorite. Kicking their shoes as far as they could!
The obstacle course! This was hilarious! Caden was no exception to my giggles...
The next station was water games. Nice when it's 55 and blowing, but hey they still had a blast!
This was a nice refuge! In the warm gym for some parachute games.
Back outside to the highlight, running the 1/4 mile. Caden might be a distance runner that kid! He came in 2nd. I was a proud mama.
The 50 yard dash and whiffle ball hitting. You know too many kids on the fields to hit the real deal...

And last but not least the tug of war. This year there were tears. Well there were tears last year, but this year the tears were of a different nature. In fact Caden wanted to go home and not even see the tug of war. Because of time, and the massive amounts of 1st and 2nd graders, they had the teachers and parents do ONE tug of war. WHAT?! No class against class battle?! It truly was devastating. But we made him stay and cheer is teacher on. She is in the yellow jacket!
And the Second grade teachers and parents pulled out a tough win!
Until next year.
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