Friday, July 15, 2011

Great to be Eight!

Can it possibly be eight years since Caden came into my life?! That this time eight years ago, I was in the hospital, anticipating what the moment would be like the first time I stared into my babies eyes?!
Time sure does fly when you have amazing kids, and I couldn't have asked for a better son and first born. I am so grateful that Caden came to our family. He is just as sweet now as he was as a baby. A good friend, and a faithful brother. His siblings sure are lucky to have him.

What a fun little toddler he was! So full of life and my best friend!

This kid didn't know what was about to hit him
shortly after his second birthday! (Neither did his parents for that fact!)
It's so hard to transition from being the only child, but this kid had to share that with twins. Sometimes I felt like a horrible mother, cause the only attention he would get from me some days, was getting his diaper changed, and fed. Life revolved around the babies. He was chill and relaxed. I think that's why he came to me first. His little person had no problem being put third.
He was such a little angel 0:)

Third Birthday, and his dirt cake! All boy!

Fast forward three years and my boy is 6! Such a little helper, and such a good big brother to baby Brooke.
He scolds me sometimes if I am too harsh in my scolding Brooke!

I can't believe that I am old enough to have a child that is going to be baptized! He has been going to a lot of his friends baptisms, and is pretty excited for his own.

Caden I love you for the awesome person that you are, your sweet spirit, and for letting me be your mommy!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Loni said...

Can't believe he is 8, and looking so grownup!