Friday, July 15, 2011

A Gymnast?!?

This post is WAY over due, but time just got away with me, posted other things, forgetting to post this, so it's better late than never right?!
Kylee took Gymnastics this past spring, and loved it!
At least that's what she says, but doesn't really want to do it again. She had the same attitude about this as she does about most things that require effort and concentration.
She doesn't want to put the effort into it, therefore a waste of her time... She is too funny!

Typical Kylee, staring off into space, and therefore falling off shortly after this picture.

And at least here there is some effort taking place!

I am not completely heart broken, that she isn't too sure about this sport. Of course I would love it if she loved it, being a former gymnast myself, but the cost of it here is outrageous!
I felt like I was giving my right arm for just 9 sessions!
So I am now on a quest for an activity/sport that requires less of my body parts.

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