Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Weeks and a little lady.

2 weeks from today my oldest three will be gone for 7 hours of the day.
It will just be me and this sweet little lady:
Poor little girl doesn't even know what is going to hit her. I have got to think of lots of little activities for this little munchkin.

On another note, she is a little camera snatcher.
She captured a rare moment, me and the piano. I would love to take up lessons again.

And of course she didn't forget the self portrait.
We hit up the pool today since it was SOOO hot today. When we got home I turned on a cartoon for her so I could shower. This is what I found when I came down:
Love this girl. I need to cherish every moment that I have with her, because she'll be heading off to school before I can blink my eyes...

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