Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Running Frenzie.

 We had a fun filled weekend. Can't you tell by Kylee's face?! She was actually very happy, just was being silly for the picture. Saturday we got up bright and early and headed to the school, to go downtown and do the Twin Cities Kids Marathon. Caden and I did this last year, and Brandon was all over it this year. Kylee only wanted to run once we got to the school, of course when it was too late.

Caden was none to happy that he had to sit with me instead of friends. This is sad to me, that at the young age of eight, I'm already not cool in his eyes. Sigh.
 The clover Ridge kids ready to run their races!
 Me and the kids!

The boys and I ready to take on the mile!
 They run them by grade, so I ran with Brandon, being his first time.

The start line and the sixth graders are ready to bust it out!
 Not sure what Caden's time was as this isn't quite a timed event, but little tiny Brandon busted out a 9:26 mile. Pretty dang good considering his tiny little legs!
It was so much fun to get to do this with the boys. Kylee is now determined to do this next year, but she says she's sticking to the 1/2 mile.
We then came home and enjoyed some conference! Wasn't it amazing!?

 Sunday I got up bright and early and headed back down to St. Paul, where I volunteered at the finish line handing out Powerade and water for the 10 miler and the Marathon. The majority of my running group was running the marathon, and so I thought I would go and be there to support them at the end.
This was my post:
As you can see I took this as the 10 milers were coming in. 
Hard to really see the time clock, but it is below the hour mark. Yep for ten miles! So these people would be in your elite group!The female winner ran it in 54:15. The male ran it in 46:46! Just amazing!
I had some friends who ran this race, and they all did amazing! One of my friends is in our running group, she's like a mom to me, just love her, and she busted out a 1:21 which is an 8 minute pace. She's 56! Such an inspiration!
The marathon started an hour after the 10 miler so we had a break for a while before the marathoners started coming in. It was so neat to be so close and get to see the winners come in! The winner of the Marathon ran it in 2:13:11, that's a cool 5:04 pace folks! The female overall winner ran it in 2:28:34, just a 5:40 big deal!
But even better than that was getting to see all my friends come across the finish line and accomplish a marathon! We have runners in our group who have ran many marathons, we had 2 who where running their first, and some that were trying to qualify for Boston.
One of the virgin marathon runners ran a 3:43! For those of you who don't run a ton, or don't know what that means, it means she killed it running at an 8:30 pace! On her first try!
Several had PR's of 8-10 minutes! Our coach ran in pain the whole way, and still busted out a 2:45! It was so much fun to get to be there and celebrate their victories with them. 
Then it got crazy busy! I was so sore by the end of the day from standing and pouring all the Powerade! We had to mix it in a big can, then pour them in the cups. It was so hard to keep up with all the people coming through. I missed some people from my group cause I couldn't even look up, I was just setting out cups and pouring, repeat that times 100!
As crazy as this sounds to some of you, being there only made me want to run another even more! So here's to next year, and hopefully no injuries holding me back!

In more running news, the school has been running their mile this week! Really my favorite time of the year! I love to sit outside and watch all these little kids run. It's free entertainment. And this year is Caden's big debut! I was on the phone with a friend when I looked out and saw the kids getting ready...and I saw Caden! I was so happy that I could watch him run!
He did so well! Kept a good pace the whole time. He was so proud to come home and tell me his time, 8:23. I ran errands all afternoon yesterday, and so when the kids came home he told me that they had a chance to redo the mile if they wanted, and so he did! And ran a 8:06! So proud of my little guy! 3 miles in 4 days.
The fisrt graders run a quarter of a mile, and little Brandon busted out a 2:16. He's so stinkin cute.
Kylee wan't to hip on the whole running thing, and so she said she walked some of it. Didn't want to get sweaty and stinky. She came in last. She was pretty dang proud of herself for that accomplishment. So I'll be proud right along with her! She's the funniest, sassiest girl!
Can you tell that I love my kids?!
Now that I've bored you all to tears with running stories, I best be getting on with my day!

P.S. Oh how I miss my nice camera! The dates on these pictures are all off, and not near the quality my other camera

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