Friday, March 9, 2012

Another First.

 My kids felt pretty special, because this year they will have 2 first day's of school, and 2 last day's of school. I am so glad they are seeing it this way, instead of in a negative light. You just gotta love kids!
Brandon all ready to go!
 Kylee in her own fashion!
 We are in the " I really don't want my picture taken" phase.
We had met their teachers Monday after school. They all seemed a little calmer.
Tuesday morning we dropped them off. The kids play outside until the bell rings, so there were kids running around playing everywhere. Then there were my children, standing there, not knowing a soul, looking scared and vulnerable. My heart seriously broke. It was so hard to drive away from them.
But just as I knew, when I picked them up, they were full of stories about their first day, meeting new friends, and comparing the two schools. (silly kids) 
I think the kids are going to do well here. So far so good.

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