Monday, July 23, 2012


 This past weekend we packed up, and headed to Yellowstone! I've never been, and it had been years since Ryan went. Ryan and his brother decided it would be fun to bike from Idaho Falls to Jackson, so they took off early Friday morning, while I got up and got my long run in.
Whew. Caroline and I took off around 11, and it was perfect, we ended up getting to Jackson at the same time. After driving those mountain passes, I was glad I didn't know what my husband would be biking! That was scary! Here is Ryan, posing right before their 10% grade climb:

After being in the flatlands for the past 10 years, these mountains just amaze me! How beautiful the Tetons are.

We arrived at our campsite just in time for dinner, and of course I had left my SD card to the camera in the computer. UGH. Thankfully both Caroline and Clair cam to my rescue so we could document this trip. Clair got up just as we were getting ready for some yummy smores! YUM!

The next morning the kiddos were up bright and early. So we made a delicious breakfast, and then loaded up for a day of sight seeing.

 I made sure to get a picture of each of the kiddos alone. They are so stinkin cute, and for most of the trip were fabulous. Brooke is having a little melt down, but what 3 year old doesn't??

Some more  views, and some serious bubbling. 170 degrees to be exact.

These signs were everywhere, and for the most part the kids were great at following. I give ya one guess at who was told to pay attention... and no not these cute feet, just couldn't resist the picture. 
(She was forced on this one, though she did venture once or twice.)

  The falls, and the Yellowstone canyon, was one of my favorite sites for sure. 
Seriously just beautiful.

Next we headed up to Mammoth Hot springs.  The first spring you came to was amazing, the others, well they were dried up. They would have been so cool full of water.

And how could you not take pictures of the Bison??
They were everywhere, and the kids loved counting them. That and finding as many state plates as we could. We got to 45. Oh so close. Apparently no one from North Dakota, Georgia, Delaware,West Virginia,  and Vermont cared to join us that weekend.
Anyways, these Bison were like Cows, they had no fear of humans, and just roamed around as if we didn't exist.
 To be continued...

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