Sunday, September 23, 2012

Race for Kase.

 Our Elementary had a fundraiser for a boy my Caden's age this past Friday.
Ealrier this summer, Kase was in a horrible car wreck, damaging his spinal cord.
It has rocked this families world, and those of our community.
I couldn't help but fight tears as I saw how many people came out to support this family, and  this little boy. It brought back the feelings I had when Purdue, and our ward in Indiana rallied around Ryan and I, as we battled his cancer. It is amazing to me to watch when times are tough, how willing, and how generous people can be!

Caden and Brandon pre-race:

Even Brookie ran quite a bit of the 5K.
What an amazing experience, for me and a teaching moment for my children.
I felt so lucky that I was able to participate in this fundraiser for this famliy!
Kase, we are pulling and praying for you!

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