Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cabin.

This past weekend we went up to our friends cabin for a few days.
The last time Ryan and I had been there was when we were first married.
We had so much fun, and all of the kiddos got along so well!
 We drove up Friday after work, and the girls slept almost the whole way! Which meant we had quite the late night with all the kids, and adults.

Saturday we drove up to Jackson, on our way we stopped at this little run down place called the Teton Mystery. It was cool/ weird all at the same time. The kids loved it. I thought it was cool, but I just felt sick the rest of the day. it really messed with my equilibrium.

 Inside the Mystery house:

 We walked around Jackson Hole, and ate lunch before going back to the cabin. 
The kids loved all the animals.

 On the way back we stopped by the river to let the kids play. They had a blast throwing and skipping rocks. It seriously was so beautiful in the canyon. I just love all the fall colors!

Picture of the ladies, to prove that we were on the trip too. :)

The girls:

 The cabin:

 On the way home we asked the kids what their favorite thing about the trip was, and hands down it was the golf cart.

 Caden now knows how to drive a golf cart, now time for some lessons!

 The kids also love the loft, aka the Eagles Nest.

Thanks Thompson's! Can't wait to get together again.

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