Monday, November 26, 2012


 My poor kids. I was blessed/cursed with the gift of nicknaming, just like my father. Which means my kids get blessed/cursed with some pretty interesting nicknames.
Ryan has joined right in (a whole new meaning to marrying a man like your father...) so they get double the nicknames. One of Kylee's happens to be Snooks. Don't even begin to ask how that evolved, I can't remember! I took the girls the other day to get their hair cut, and she was beyond excited. I think she is adorable in a bob.

We got our house decorated for Christmas yesterday, and put back together after a couple days of guests. Being in a new house for the holidays, I need more decorations. I had plenty in the last house... but this house feels a little bare...
I went out today and got a few more. It looks much better. I suppose I will now have a few years to get this house all decorated up.
Merry Christmas!!

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