Monday, November 5, 2012

You Broke My Heart.

 Brooke's new thing to say to Ryan or I when she has gotten in trouble, and she is crying is:
" You broke my heart".
All that is required is to give her a big hug, and it makes her little broken heart all better.
Last night we were all hanging down in the basement, when all the sudden I hear...
"Where did this hair come from?!"
Oh that is never a good sign, and I immediately new what had just went down.
I tried not to loose it, walked over to Ryan standing over Brooke, holding a pair of scissors.
She decided to take matters into her own hands, and give her self a new do:

A nice little chopper-oo to the hair.
I told Brooke she had broken my heart because we were trying so hard to grow it out long like a princess. She came over, sat in my lap and gave my the biggest hug for like a minute or so.
She then turns to me and says:
" Mom, are you all better? Did I un break your heart?!"
Oh how can that little lady not melt your heart?! Of course I was still so mad, and sad inside, but I told her my heart was better. She ran off happy.
And while she has a whole in her hair, it will grow. Eventually.

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