Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A weekend in AZ.

 Ryan and I were able to have a little getaway weekend!
Ryan had some work in Arizona, so I tagged along.
It turned out to be a weekend of sports, sports and more sports!
Ryan has had some people that work for him passing out their chips down in the Phoenix area for the past couple months, so he went down to do some business.
We headed to the ASU game and helped them pass out some chips.
We had amazing seats, and perfect weather:
 It was so weird to be sitting outside in 75 degree weather, in November!

Later that night, we headed over to the Suns game. Idahoan sales their chips in their staduim.
We had AMAZING seats! It was crazy to see how tall these players really are.
 Just a little Labron James a stones throw away...
Ryan and I enjoying a great game!

Sunday we got up early, and headed to watch Ironman Arizona.
This trip happened to coincide with this event, and my running coach also happened to be racing in it!
It made it all that more fun, and amazing to watch, having someone to look for and cheer.
This was the transition area, and boy was it crazy!

We were able to see Mike several times on the bike.

We were also able to see him several times on the run.
He got sick coming off the bike, and battled through stomach issues, for the whole 26.2!

In between watching Mike, we watched the pros. That is a whole other level I can't imagine attaining.
These athletes are just amazing. This is the winner coming into the finish line.
The crazy thing is, he hardly looked like he was finishing an 8 hour race!

THis is the 3rd place winner, who lead for some of the race. Just chattin it up like it was no big deal! Crazy amazing.

We headed over to the finish line to watch the rest of the racers come in.
I had so much fun watching the people come in.
I got emotional watching these people finish such a huge accomplishment.
Mike came blazing in at 10:05.
This guy had an amazing time considering he battled a flat tier on the bike, costing him a good 12 minutes, and then battling stomach issues on the run. He still busted out a 3:31 marathon puking the whole way! I have serious respect for anyone who attempts, and even remotely finishes this race.
I must say I am liking Ryan's job and these trips to AZ.
He just informed me that I get to tag along again in January. Wahoo.
Life is good.

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