Friday, December 21, 2012

Round Two.

 Monday my sweet sister in law Caroline took Brooke for me so that I could spend time with Hanna. The hospital doesn't let little kids in so I have been really lucky with so much help with my kids so I can be there to support Hanna.
My mom came in on Sunday as well, so it was me, Sandy and my mom all there to keep Hanna company! The treatment started out fairly normal. And then two chairs over from Hanna, a patient receiving chemo coded. Truly one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. It shook me and my mom up pretty bad. Within minutes there was 6 doctors, and about 10 nurses around this poor lady.
While it was going on, an old man decided to give us some humor by sauntering over there I suppose to just see what all the comotion was about. I mean did he not get a clue that it was serious with all the people and Dr.'s around?! Only the elderly can get away with stuff like that!
Thankfully she was OK, and they continued her treatment.
Not too long after that, another patient came by handing out candy. We got to chatting with him, and he had us laughing so hard I had tears running down my face. This guy could be a comedian! My mom said he should do a show called cancer comedy! As we were talking with him we learned he is terminal. I just couldn't believe his outlook on life, and how he made it his mission to make everyone else around him have a better day. What an example!
Next a man with a therapy dog came by, and Hanna was in Heaven!

After a few hours of Chemo, we met up with our cousins for some lunch at Zupas!
So fun to see family. We seriously have the best family.

Day two we headed up to the Hospital around 10:30 and they got all her labs and everything done in time to start her Chemo at 2:30. A serious improvement from the last start time of 5pm.
Poor girl wasn't feeling the best from the first day, and a few hours in, 
she was starting to really feel it :(  She sure can pull off the sick chemo look though!
 Nothing better than having your mom around!
My mom and I left around 10 pm so we could get some sleep, and so Hanna could try and get some as well. We waited a bit in the morning to give Hanna and Sandy some alone time. I have a tender place in my heart through this whole process for Sandy. As family, it is our instinct to just want to be there and take care of her. Really forgetting that Sandy is, and should be her number one support system. We are there as back up. I had some struggles with this when Ryan was sick, and being newly married, so I am sensitive when it comes to making sure we are looking out for Sandy and what he needs as well.
When we got up to the hospital poor Hanna was not in good shape.
 It is not easy to see a loved one in pain. I told her to just think, one more time of this Chemo, and then she gets a couple weeks off!

She is one lucky lady to have this guy by her side taking care of her.
Hanna, you got this. 2 down 1 more to go before we move to the next step in this journey. Your a rock star, and I love YOU.

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