Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Carnival Breeze 2013!

 The last time Ryan and I went on a cruise was our honeymoon, so I was pretty excited for this trip!
We left late Saturday night...12:50 to be exact. Here we go!
After a long flight, and some waiting around, we boarded the boat, and headed straight for lunch! Cause that's what cruising is all about right, the food!?
After that we explored the ship some, and of course got the skyline shot of Miami:

 A little water fun on the ship!

And after we were able to go to our stateroom, we cleaned up and headed down to dinner.
I think the common theme at dinner time for all the boys was to see just how many appetizers and entrees they could order, and eat. Sometimes it was slightly embarrassing...
Get ready for a post overload! (once I can fix my computer and download the rest of the pix from a disc... my computer keeps ejecting it...ugh!!)

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Mark said...

It's really fun to see you guys, even if it is in photos. Your kids are growing up so quickly. Thanks for sharing!