Saturday, February 9, 2013


 I feel pretty lucky that I've gotten to see so much of my family since moving to Idaho.
It's been a blessing to be so close to Hanna. And with that I have been able to see my mom a few times. The weekend before Hanna had to go in for transplant, they came up to Idaho for a few days.
It happened to be my mom's birthday, so we went out to dinner to celebrate!
 My kiddos love having grandma around. And I love getting to see my mom!

Before we headed out for our trip, we spent the day with Hanna.
 She seemed in pretty good spirits, and other than super red cheeks, she was handling the last chemo round quite well.
to some it might sound silly, but I felt so guilty leaving her to go off on a vacation. It felt wrong, and I felt like I should be there. I know she has Sandy, and my mother, but I couldn't shake the guilt.
She is in good hands, and I think she is going to rock her stay at the BMT unit!

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