Saturday, February 23, 2013

Home Again.

 We got back from the cruise Saturday night, so we stayed at Hanna and Sandy's.
Holly was in town with her inlaws, and Jenny was in town for a funeral, so we were able to all get together. Before they came over, my mom and I headed up to see Hanna.
She is just cruising through her transplant stay with very minimal side effects. She is amazing!
 I felt so bad leaving her there, while the rest of the family was all getting together to hang out at her house:(

I haven't seen Holly's little girl Lila since she was 2 months old!
It was so fun to see them again!
The baby cousins:

That is one precious face.

The three cousins the same age.
Notice how my child is the oldest, yet the smallest. Yep she's a pipsqueak!

All the Willardson grand kids together since the babies were born!

Grandma got in on the picture taking with her grandkids.
These were the best shots. Literally.

Me, Holly, Joey, and his girl, Jessica.
Family time is so fun!
And Holly almost two years is way too long to go without seeing each other. Never again.

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