Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carnival Breeze Day 6

 Day 6 we woke up in the Bahamas!
We all decided we wanted to go to the Atlantis and go to the water park.

The slides were so fun, and again wishing I would have had my camera to take some pictures of the slides, but we had everything locked up...

After a few hours of the water park, we headed to the beach to get in the ocean one last time.
This time a picture of all the girls.

The whole group.

Ryan and I... and some random lady:)

The boys thought it was fun to bring up how much Atlantis was costing, so they were pretty proud to flash their wrist bands where ever we went. Such dorks. :)

A view of one of the towers with water slides in them

Leaving the Atlantis

We took a ride on the water taxi to and from the hotel.

It was back to the ship, and time for one last dinner on the Breeze.
Had to pose with our waiter Jan. Not the liveliest guy, but was a dang good waiter to our table of eaters!

 His helper, Katalina, was my favorite, but had gotten injured earlier that day, so we didn't get to say good bye to her.

A few nights we had some good laughs at "our table". Playing games with us is out of control, and lots of pee your pants laughter!
I am so glad we got to go on this trip, and that we were with such fun friends.
We made some great memories!

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