Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Break!

 This past week we were on spring break! My kiddos were on cloud nine. And to top it off, we had beautiful weather.
These two were best of friends this week:
 It's always a success when they get along!

Since we stayed home, I tried to do a few fun things for them.
One was having a slumber party in the toy room. Boy it took them a long time to fall a sleep...
 Good thing they are cute!

We had a few fun silly nights. One of them was wearing all of dads pajama pants!

My kids in all their glory:

I took the kiddos out to eat a few times, so one morning we went to IHOP for breakfast:

Then we took scraggle hair to get a hair cut:
We also went with some friends to Leo's Place, sort of like a Chuckie Cheese, but with MUCH better food, and same "let me spray you down with hand sanitizer toy's"!
We spent as much time outside as we could! Who doesn't enjoy 60's in March!?

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