Monday, June 24, 2013

Ragnar 2013

 RAGNAR. It's becoming tradition around these parts! Between Ryan and I we have done this race somewhere in the country for the past 4 years. 
It's got it's own kind of adrenaline. It's the most fun I have running, adding my own way of making it competitive for me, passing people:)

This year we did not mess around with decorating our van!
I was super excited cause this year I knew everyone in my van, and we were all friends. Good times!
This year our group was the first van, kicking off the run at the start. Lucky me I got to be runner 1.

My first run was through Logan, and Providence. The run took me up 14th north to the dear trail, along that and then down towards the river and over to Providence. 
There is nothing prettier than running Wasatch Back Ragnar.
How can you not love running when this is your view for 2 days!

After our first leg, we stopped at this great little restaurant for lunch.
I have never been more hungry...

Dear sweet Natalie can sleep anywhere! And I mean anywhere. 
Like waiting for our lunch. Until straws are poked in her face:)

My second run was both fun, and brutal. a mile climb, followed by 7.5 miles down hill. Or down a mountain. steepest running I have ever done! All that running down Sunnyside was no match for this run! My calves were on fire! Then, that lunch I scarfed down, was not agreeing with me. I was so ready for that run to be over with!

We got to a little high school for the "night" where we were able to get a few hours of sleep.
Up bright and early ready for our last leg. I had 5 miles to run. I thought I'd take this one easy, as I was already sore from my previous 2 runs, but man it hurt, so I sped it up and it didn't hurt any more so I booked it to just get it over with:)

I was so glad to be done running!
over 21 miles, up mountains, down mountains and in between, all under an 8 minute pace.

This is the whole group together before they took off for their last leg, and the dreaded Ragnar "hill".

After we left them, we headed to SHOWER.
Oh it felt so good to be clean.
Then we headed to the finish line to shop, and wait for them to come in.

33 hours later and 198 miles, and we did it!
And we are ready for next year... or Ragnar Vegas. Double medal anyone??!!

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