Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Fun.

I was surprised with an early birthday present. Ryan had gotten it while I was gone for Ragnar, and my kids are the worst at keeping secrets. He also wanted me to have it before we headed to Bear Lake for the family reunion.
 I was shocked, and super excited! While running is my first love, I have been wanting to join Ryan in the cycling department for awhile. A fun cross train, and there are duathlons out there. :)
I have learned I suck at clipping out and stopping put together, but I'm getting there.

Caden went to a camp the school district puts on up at Pine Basin. First time sending him off on his own. For a full work week. The house was not the same without him, and I missed him. But not as much as Brandon did. That poor kid was missing his best friend.
We went up Thursday night for parents night, and he didn't even seemed exited to see us:(
He was having way too much fun.

Once he was home, we decided to celebrate the next day by heading to Ribgy Lake.
The kids had fun getting buried... no thanks.
 I had fun reading my book and watching from a distance.
Love my little family.

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