Monday, July 29, 2013

Dresses and Kitties...

 Eight is a big age in our household. It is the age that we get to be baptized.
So I took Kylee out to shop for her baptism dress.

We had so much fun! It really gave me a glimpse of life in the future, doing this for her wedding, and freaked me out some, but still had a blast with my little girl. She tried on about 10, we narrowed it down to these three...

She was pretty sure she wanted the one with the pink bow. We went back out to see if we could find some shoes, and she spotted one more dress...
 And this was the ONE. She was beeming and there was no turning back!

We have turned into a different family with a pet in the house.
I am pretty smitten by this little 1LB kitten.

Kylee is quite the mom. Cried the first week when I wouldn't let her sleep with it.
I finally caved...

Little Lizzy is the center of attention around here, and poor thing hardly gets put down for a second!
How could you not. Look at that cute face!

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