Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eight years too fast.

 I can't even believe that it has been eight years since my life dramatically changed with two crazy, spunky, energetic, funny twins entered my life.

There are some brief moments when I wish that I could go back and steel a moment and hold these precious little babies. Because this picture below is how I remember my life... tired, and exhausted, and treading water!
 But just look how tiny and precious they are!?!

They were so much fun, and always kept me on my toes!
These two loved to try my pacience with many messes...
I was always following them with cleaning supplies in tow.

Before I knew it they were all grown up and leaving me all day for school.

You bring so much laughter, joy, and a spunkiness like no one else could do.
I love your passion for the things you love, and am so happy to call you mine.

Brandon, I can't imagine life without your fun loving personality. You are the glue that holds this family together with your tender heart.
Happy Brithday to my sweet, fiery twosome. So glad they came together!
Love, mom.

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