Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oberg Family Reunion Part 1.

 I had been looking for this weekend for the past 2 years! The last time we had a reunion was in 2000, so it was way over due.
I was put in charge of making the memory book, and the shirts.
Our car was a little full on the way down...

The place that we stayed at for the reunion was amazing to say the least. I think there was something like 17 bedrooms, a huge room with pull out beds, the biggest kitchen and loving room I'd ever seen. The kiddos were mesmerized with the pool area.
It was going to be an awesome couple of days.

We got settled in, got the t shirts distributed and had a great evening visiting and catching up, while of course eating delicious food Oberg style.

The only 2 who weren't able to make it, was Heather, and Bret.
But Heather made her presence anyway:

 Sure wish she could have been there...

 The kids  had a blast in the pool, and hot tub that evening.

We then had a short program that night, before we put the kids to bed and stayed up talking, reminiscing, laughing, and having too much fun!

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