Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is busy!

 Lots has been going on and it's so stinkin hard latley for me to keep up on this blog!
We took family pictures a little while ago, and this is a preview of what we wore... the pics should follow soon!

This little kitty is the love of the families lives! And she has been keeping me good company since Ryan has been traveling a lot. Like every week. No seriously.

I was persuaded by my running friend, and owner of the running store here to try these bad boys out...
 I am a brooks girl, have been for quite some time. Last summer he persuaded me to try out some saucony's for speed work type running. I fell in love with them!
I was hesitant to try this shoe, cause this one is taking over the bulk of my running mileage... and once again I'm in love! I guess I'm a brooks girl for racing?!

This girl is a crack up, and can entertain me all day long!

Little Izzy taking over Ryan's spot.

Since I got new shoes, I needed to get rid of some that have seen better running days.
These are the shoes that I've run in the past year and a half... and two pair are missing. yep. 
And now it's time for me to keep on running, running my kiddos around town that is!

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