Monday, March 10, 2014

 Winter ball has come to an end. The boys had a fun time playing, and I'm glad they love the game, cause they had rough seasons this time around. There last games they both played awesome, scoring points for their teams.

Caden's class had a class play, and he had the lead part. He was a detective, and was stinkin cute! I can't believe this boy is growing up so fast.

This little lady is my constant shadow. I love it. And she just had her kindergarten round up this past week. I can't even believe that it's possible. How is my baby old enough to be going to school in 6 months??!!
Time goes by so quickly. I wish I could freeze it. We are well over half way done with this school year. I at least get to have all my kids in one school for one year since they have 6th in elementary here. Whew. I am just going to enjoy everyday, every moment with my kids. Cause before I know it they will be heading off to college, getting married, and having kids of their own... 

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