Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So begins 2010!

Today I started helping my mom reorganize her upstairs.
This is a daunting task let me tell you!
It is making me, make a list in my head of all the things that I want to do and organize when I get home.
One of my goals this year is to redecorate, Reorganize in a cheap, yet trendy way. I've found some way cute ideas from friends, to websites, to magazines, and of course HGTV.
Hopefully I can track my progress and all the fun things I get accomplished this year.
Other things, or you could say new years goals I have are:
Read more to my kids
Work one on one with the twins. ( they sort of get the shaft in this area cause they are always lumped together.)
Spend more time with Ryan. This is probably on a lot of wives lists
Make it to the temple more often.
Be more patient with my kids.
Run another race. Maybe two.
BUDGET better. This is a down fall for me, but I am bound and determined to beat this one once and for all!
Read my scriptures more.
Read more in general. I love to read and I do go in spurts where that's all I do. I guess I just need balance. Go figure.
Reach out more to those in need and to those around me.
I'm sure if I kept typing things will keep coming so I'm calling this good for now! This will keep me plenty busy I'm sure!
BTW, I went to my sisters Basketball game today. She is awesome.
I knew that Willow Palin, (Sarah Palins daughter) played on her team.
She was there. Sitting literally 5 feet from me. To all my Alaskan peeps, this is no big deal. She was your regular mother watching her daughter play ball.
But for those of us "down south" She's somewhat of a celebrity. I mean really.
I've only ever seen her on T.V. Like her or not, it was cool.
As she left, she came over and pinched Brooke's cute little cheeks and said how cute she was.
Of course I already knew that... but it was cool.
Enough rambling for one night.
Now to try and get some sleep through this awful hacking cough I have.
It keeps me up all night long! We're out of NyQuil. Could be a long night.

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Lindsay said...

Katie you family is too cute. I can't believe our babies are going to be 1. Time flies huh??