Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you smarter than a sunbeam?

We had our stake cultural event(roadshow of sorts) this weekend, and it was awesome!
Now I'll be the first to admit that sometimes these things can be quite boring, lame, a nightmare to sit through, blah blah blah... but I assure you this one was none of the above.
The theme was are you smarter than a Sunbeam. They had the youth committee be the sunbeams, and the bishops of the wards were the contestants.
Each ward was assigned a theme (prophets, missionary work, pioneers, etc..) and after their bishop had their stint on the game show, the commercials were the youth's dance/ singing to their assigned theme. ALL the wards did a fabulous job! The crowd was so into all of it. Lots of laughing and clapping to the performances. It was great.
As much fun as it was, I am so glad this is over with. So much work! Especially for Ryan, since he was the co-chair, he was gone a lot the last few weeks in preparation for this event. And me, with all the rehearsals with our youth. Although being deathly ill that one weekend got me out of a 8am Saturday morning practice... on second thought the practice would have been much better than spending my day in the bathroom!
The best part too is that the youth had a blast and that is the most important accomplishment of this whole thing!

Tyler(the game show host) and Hanna(the sunbeam) from our ward in "Are you smarter than a sunbeam."

Hedi did an awesome job playing the violin!

The boys enjoying all the performances.

Ryan at the end of the night. he did such a good job putting this event together.
So proud of my honey!

Me and Caden. Isn't he so cute?!

She had about had enough, let me tell you. Two nights in a row at the church and do a numer on a little girl!

Kylee was missing in action because she had to sit with her favorite person, Sandie.
She's my Visiting Teacher and Kylee thinks they are best friends. It's so cute.

These are the videos of the night. One of our youths performance, and the other is the bishops dance off. If they won their round(which they all did) they advanced to the final round which was a dance off. It was great!
And no surprise all the bishops won. Which drew some boo's from the crowd that was pretty hilarious!

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