Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post Surgery

Well I must say my little man is a trooper!
He did so well. Although while waiting in the play area, before getting put to sleep he ran right into a plexy glass window. Full face. Blood everywhere. Again. Poor kid.
I can't tell you what it was like to hold my little boy while they put him under.
One minute he was there, cuddling into me,
and the next he was gone. Limp as a noodle.
Of course I knew he was going to be fine, and this was just a minor surgery.
It only lasted 20 minutes.
But there is something about watching one of your kids in such a vulnerable state, that made me feel vulnerable. Then I just kept thinking of the crash.
What was I thinking. Why didn't I think of that hill. That maybe he couldn't go down it?
I started questioning all my decisions that I have made as a mother.
Do I truly do right by my kids to the best of my ability?!
Now I know that I can never prevent everything form happening to them.
That there will probably be more falls, maybe some broken bones.
Accidents happen.
I just hope that I can keep the rest of my children's teeth in their mouths...
Some pictures of the day:
Don't ask me about that close up of's scary. But it shows his mouth so well, so I posted it for that reason. And he wanted some pictures with mom. I couldn't deny him that!:)
He was so funny coming out of the anesthesia. He was like a little drunk kid.
Half the time you couldn't tell what he was saying. I wish I would have gotten it on camera.
It was great entertainment.

Ryan and Brandon showing off their muscles.
Brandon perked up some last night.
It was good to see some of my boy back again!
This little girl is having a really hard time with Brandon getting so much attention.
And her, not getting enough. So she wanted in on the picture action.
She really is so cute.

We let him stay up with us last night. He played games on Ryan's Blackberry for hours

And this is my little boy today.
It's amazing how all of the sudden the swelling has gone down.
He looks so much better. His lip is no longer a balloon as Ryan was calling it.
Which I must admit, it really did look like one.
Now it's just a small fat lip with major road rash.
Next step is to get the stitches out on his lip Friday.
That should be interesting seeing that they are buried in all that road rash...
Wish the little guy luck!
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Taffy and Tony said...

What an ordeal! I hope he just continues to get better every day.

Shayla said...

Good Luck Brandon! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Tara and Bryce Raleigh said...

oh my goodness bran you are such a trooper you are soo tough. we love you so much!
Tara, bryce and elle

Rachel Kenley said...

Poor guy!