Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Surgery For Brandon

So little Brandon has to go to the hospital today.
They are going to pull two more teeth out.
They are pretty loose and messed up anyways, so I guess it's for the better.
Once they get in there they can make sure there are no bone fragments and fix anything else that needs to be fixed.
We went to his pre-op this morning.
When we left he asked me if this was the last time he had to go to the doctors.
Poor kid. Still though I'm amazed at how tough he has been.
He had a really rough night. But despite that it still could have been much worse.
He's a tough cookie.
Count down til 12:30 and my little boy goes under...


The Ellis Fam said...

Oh my poor nephew. I hope he is doing ok and that all goes well with the surgery. Give him a great big hug from both Mark and I.

Mick and Tiff said...

Those pictures made me so sad! Mick said he thought he had his tongue out his poor lip is so big. I think that has to be the worst moment for a parent watching your child getting fixed up after a big accident.

Hope he has a fast recovery and is back to normal in no time!