Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer in April!

We are becoming spoiled with this weather we have had over the last few months.And I love it!
Yesterday was so beautiful. While the twins were at preschool
Hanna and I took Brooke on a bike ride.
We let her out to inspect one of the very WEIRD supposed art things around our neighborhood.
I love when babies first begin to walk and they stick their butts out.
It makes me laugh!

The best part of yesterday was swimming.
Swimming OUTSIDE on the 20th of April no less.
The water was sitting at a nice 89 degrees (which in my opinion is perfect... I hate cold swimming pools!)
and the temp outside hit 77.
I was in heaven. My kids were in heaven. Hanna really was in heaven!
We went over to one of my friends who has a pool, and now it has me wishing I had one in my back yard too!
We had a blast, I only hope this good fortune weather keeps coming our way!

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George and Heidi Skinner said...

I'm in LOVE with outdoor swimming pools! Sooooo lucky!