Monday, May 17, 2010

10 K Beautiful Day!

Saturday was the Chaska 10 k.
A much better experience this year than last.
Last year I think it was 25 degrees.
This year it was sunny and about 70, just absolutely beautiful!
My good friend Annie joined me again this year.

And to make this years race even better I beat my goal and my personal best!
I"m sure the weather had a lot to do with it, and not being 4 months post pardom with a baby.
I ran it in 49:18, a 7:56 pace.
I placed 12th out of 74 who raced. And I won my age division 20-29!
I was the second female to finish behind the one and only Annie.
Annie won overall female with a time of 45:37. Only five guys finished in front of her.
She is amazing!
Here is me with my medal for wining my age division:

Me and Annie with our medals.
For being the female winner she got a gift card to an awesome running store here.
I was teasing her that I should quit inviting her,
cause that would have been my awesome gift card.
But she totally deserves it, and I loved having a friend there with me,
only if we only ran like .3 of the race together.

P.S. These pictures are so funny when you check out the people in the background.
My favorite is the lady in the right side of this last picture.
She looks likes she's out for blood! :)


Taffy and Tony said...

Great job, Katie!!! And that lady in the last photo is HILARIOUS! I rarely laugh out loud during blog reading, but this one got a sudden burst, complete with a booger coming out of my nose.

Megan said...

You are so tough! Hope to see you in June!

Rita Christiansen said...

Way to go Katie!