Friday, October 1, 2010

Models in the Making

I have been taking LOTS of pictures lately. Most of them get deleted. But it is helping me learn how to use this new camera. And so since there is lots of pictures, my kiddos are being constantly asked to "pose".
Naturally your kids love to mi-mick what you do right?! ( mine do almost to sometimes an embarrassing extent.)
So Kylee has been teaching Brooke how to use a camera and how to pose!

Say Cheese!

Showing Brooke the ins and outs of the camera:

My sweet girls posing for mom:

My little Brookie has become quite obsessed with shoes. Especially other peoples shoes.
She is in a fad where Kylee's shoes are all the rage.
I love it!

Even when they aren't on quite right!

Here's to all the little models in the making out there!

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