Monday, October 4, 2010

Caden's a Runner!

Saturday was the TC fun run. So me and Caden headed to the school to get on the bus to go downtown.
I was a parent helper so I was in charge of Caden and one other boy from the second grade. The event was very well put together and to top it off it was a fabulous day!
This is before the big run!

And after! They both did so good sticking together, and staying by me.
All the kids even got medals for finishing, just like a marathon.
Can you just see the glory in his eyes?!

There was quite a group from Cadens school. I would even dare to say that we had the most kids out of the elementary schools that participated...

This run is also a family fun run, they just started on two different sides of the road, so next year we might have to make this a family affair!

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