Monday, October 4, 2010

Severs Corn Maze

Saturday we went to Severs Corn Maze!

It really was like a little mini fair. There was great fair food, always a treat; the corn maze, a exotic petting zoo,(seriously it was like going to a zoo, they were all African animals! Very cool, but far different from my petting zoo memories of the sheep goat, cow etc..), and I think by far the big hit for my kids was the corn pool. We had more fun in that thing! As if you can't tell by this post and it's plethora of pictures. And sadly enough my camera battery died after this so I didn't get pictures other than the corn pool. But since it was the favorite part of the day I guess that's OK!

Caden buried in the corn!

Little miss Kylee. She LOVED it!

Brooke. Well let's just say she had a love/hate relationship with the corn pool.
The crazy Iron man!

This is what she preferred. Being close to the edge, and NOT getting buried in it!
I am so glad I took the kids. I was contemplating going, but in the end I couldn't resist their begging, and I'm glad I caved. It's so fun getting to spend time with my kids and enjoy each other.
Happy Fall!
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Rita Christiansen said...

That looks like SO much fun!