Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bugs Oh MY!

Halloween decor has graced our house this week!
This particular decoration has become Brooke's new favorite toy! She totes it around everywhere.
And for some reason she loves to put anything she can inside of it.
This day it happened to be her leggings:
I love fall time. I love the crisp feeling in the air at night. I love all the beautiful colors we get here in MN. I love to burn yummy smelling candles, making my house smell like I baked all day!
But there is one thing that fall brings that makes me cringe:

Dang bugs! Normally in the past we've been invaded with the lady bug looking beetles. Oh don't worry we do have plenty of those, but this year the outside of my house is LITERALLY covered in box elder bugs. They weasel their way into my screens making it impossible to open my windows with this FABULOUS weather we're having. This makes me want to scream!
I wish that these little creatures didn't exist.
They are making my garage sale sitting (yes I am doing a garage sale!) very unpleasant as I batted away about a thousand of these while waiting for people to come take away my stuff.
But I wouldn't trade this awesome weather we are having for anything, so if I have to put up with them for a little while longer so be it.
But really, bugs bugs go away come again another day...well please never come back, I'd like to have my windows open please!

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