Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Is this what your Sunday morning looks like?!
Well maybe not quite as cute as my little girl...

Most Sunday mornings I am on my own to get the kids ready, as Ryan is already gone to church meetings. Some mornings my kids are GREAT!
Like look how well Brandon did getting ready by himself:

Brooke was a gem getting ready, and Brandon did exactly what I told him to do! Even posing for me to take endless pictures of them!

This little diva on the other hand was having a rough morning.
Just see for yourself:

Caden will do anything fast as long as he can get a few computer games in!
WE have had the most amazing fall weather...ever!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the amazing Indian summer weather.
I just love all the colors.
This tree has great color and has become quite popular in my neighborhood. I have seen many a people placing their children in front of if to get that perfect fall picture!

This little sweetie is my little model. The other kids are getting sick of my photo practicing on them. But Brooke just loves it!

She also LOVES being outside!
So she too is very grateful for this fabulous weather, cause mom will go out still, letting her be out as much as she wants!

This is the life!
I love peaceful Sunday afternoons with my family!

FYI: Only 11 days til the big race, and I am starting to freak out a little!
Will I be able to make it?!
Can I really run that far?!?!
Please let this weather stick around...
I really need to calm my nerves, but the second I start thinking about it I just about drive myself crazy.

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