Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Full Heart.

Today I had someone from the Primary presidency call me to talk to me about Caden.
At first I was worried he was in trouble or something. Then she proceeds to ask me :

Lady: I know it's a ways away but have you thought about Caden's Baptism, and when you would like to have it? The Stake wants a rough calendar of the baptisms for the upcoming year."

I had to catch my I really have a child old enough for this???
Me: no I really haven't...

Lady: Well his Birthday is on a Friday, they would like baptisms on Saturdays, so we could do it the day after his Birthday! As we get closer just let me know if we need to make adjustments. Thanks!

I have been a ball of emotions lately, really no idea why, but as I got off the phone I started blubbering! This is a big step in my child's life! I just am having a hard time coming to grips that I even have a child old enough for this event!
He does mention it now and then, the order of him and his friends, and when each of them will get baptized. I guess just hearing it from someone else made me realize really how close it really is. I remember my baptism day so vividly. And at times it seems like just yesterday!
I am so thankful to my parents for the faith that they helped me cultivate, so that when I was ready, I could gain a testimony of this church, and my Savior on my own. I only hope that I have been and will continue to be that example to my children.
I am so thankful for temples. For the opportunity I have to be with my sweet little family for the eternities! What a beautiful sacred place.
What else can I say, today my heart is full.

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