Friday, January 21, 2011

Colds...and Cold!

This has been me the past 4 days. Trying to overcome this nasty cold.
My family knows when I'm really sick, cause I don't workout. It's a big deal for me to NOT workout. Even when I don't feel good, I can always do a little yoga! Not this time my friends. I am on day 3 of no workouts. And Tuesday I should have NOT worked out, cause I paid for it dearly the rest of the day! My body was shouting at me STOP!
The last few mornings I haven't felt that bad as I wake up and get up. But as the day moves along, I slowly feel worse and worse. So much for my 10 mile run tomorrow. For 2 reasons. One the above mentioned cold. And two, I swear EVERY Saturday it's ridiculously cold. Oh it will be good temps during the week, but come the weekend, we plummet into the realms of the arctic! I ran 8 last weekend on the treadmill, but 10, I am just not a fan of running THAT long indoors.
As I drove to work today my thermometer read a balmy -15. Add the windchill and we were sitting at -30 people.
So instead of running tomorrow, I will bundle up, drink my Theraflu and hot chocolate and watch movies with my kids!

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Tina said...

You're crazy!? Are you training for another marathon or something!? Definitely stay inside, drinking theraflu and watching movies!! :) Get better soon!