Monday, January 31, 2011


We have been saying good bye a lot around here.
Good bye to teeth:
Then the day after this picture, good bye to the next tooth. This kid is a toothless wonder!
You thought he might have struggled eating before,
now it's just down right comical to see him eat!

And today we had to say good bye to a very dear friend, as she is heading for the warmer climates of Arizona. Kylee is really going to miss her. She was my visiting teacher, and Kylee just bonded with her. She sat with her A LOT on Sunday's getting spoiled with gum and "whipstick".
Kylee can be very emotional at home, but when it comes to things like this, she really tries to hide her emotion. As we were getting teary eyed, she just walked away and started putting on her coat, like get me out of here.
I couldn't choose which picture, so I just put a few up.
Kylee and her best friend Sandie:
Kylee and Sandie again:
Luke wanted in on the action, he is so cute!
I couldn't have asked for a better visiting teacher, or a better friend. She is going to be greatly missed. It's not very often that I am on the end getting left behind. I'm usually the one leaving. I must say that I think this end might be worse! I think she may be getting many Minnesota friends heading her way from these dreadful winters we endure!

On our way home Kylee, fighting back the tears said she was going to miss Sandie. I then told her, well Sandie is going to miss you too.
Her response:
I know, cause she just loves me.
Very matter of fact. Oh that girl...
Then later she asked me if Sandie would forget her. Once again with some tears in her eyes.
I asked Kylee if she would forget her, and of course she responded no.
I reassured her that she wouldn't forget her.
" mom I think she will..." with tears in her eyes.
This little conversation has reminded me how much I hate goodbyes, but a brighter way to look at it, is we can look back on the friendships we've made and look forward to updates through blogs, emails, facebook, Christmas cards, and phone calls. I feel so blessed to live in a day where it's so easy to keep in touch with those that come and go throughout our lives.
We love you Lanier's!

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