Sunday, March 6, 2011

Obsessions and Firsts.

I have an obsession. Well at least I did there. Spending most of my childhood in Mexico I really miss certain things I grew up with.
One of them being my daily trips to the OXXO for treats!
So while there, I took full advantage of the OXXO across the street from our hotel.
One of my childhood best friends will appreciate all the Popsicles I ate.(I kept her in mind and ate some for her too!) And don't forget the chili candy. Lots of tamarindo ate by this woman!
I loved seeing the pretty Bugambilias everywhere. So nice to see a color other than white!

That day we took another day to do nothing but lay on the beach and poolside.
We did go para-sailing. Neither of us had been. I was scared my camera would get wet so I left it behind. Turns out it would have been fine. So I took this picture below just for a rememberance.
After eating a delicious dinner of Ceviche, we took a nightly stroll on the beach. Ryan became a kid and tried to chase the waves down and then make sure they didn't catch him on the way up. Love him. As so it states in the sand.

Our last night in paradise, was blissful!
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