Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waters of the (not so) Deep Aqua Sea

Tuesday we decided to go out to Xel-Ha as recommended by Holly and Garrett. I am sure glad we took their advice. This place was incredible. So beautiful!

The snorkeling was great! Saw so many fish! As I like to call it, the Dori fish was by far my favoirte. I felt like I could try and talk to them and they would understand me... thanks to Finding Nemo. But no such conversations took place. The fish I tried to seer clear of was the barracuda. That thing gave me the heeby geebies!
We snorkeled into this cave, that was probably the best part of the day for me, next to the cliff jumping! So scary, but so fun!

Looking up through the hole in the cave!

So many little, and not so little creatures on this adventure! I saw more iguanas in one day than I think I've seen in my entire life!
After we walked our way and played our way through the jungle, we had to go back through and capture some of the things we had done. Ryan's favorite thing was the swing rope, and swimming through the canal. We also floated down a river that was enclosed by jungle.
And let's not forget zip lining down into the water!

We had the option to take a few hours and go and see the ruins at Tulum. I am glad we did! That is a pretty amazing city!

Such amazing views from the city down to the ocean, and then from the ocean looking up at the ruins.

When we got back that night, we didn't feel like going all the way in to downtown, so we thought we would just go down to the "night life area" and eat at Senor Frogs. It was only a few miles away, so we got on the bus for a short ride. Or so I thought. Ryan thought it was time to get off, so we did, and we ended up walking for well over a half an hour!
After snorkeling all day, walking around the jungle, and all around Tulum.
Needless to say I was so exhausted, and not happy about our "little" walk.
When we finally made it there, the restaurant was not what I remembered when I was a kid. Let's just say that it was more of a single 21 year old something type of a place!
It was an interesting night.
Then we were blessed with these awesome balloon hats!
The little clown wanted a tip of course, but having no cash the poor clown got no tip from us...

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